Rasmus Kellerman

10 years and counting …

March 11, 2014



Tiger Lou 2013

October 15, 2013


I guess – to make a four year long story very short – all I can say is that Tiger Lou is alive and well.

These past years I’ve been writing music for different projects, very consciously steering away from Tiger Lou territory, only to to end up at the very place I started. It’s time to come full circle I guess. The tone, my voice, the ambiance and soundscape, the rhythm, the je ne sais quoi of it all, has always been the fat ass elephant in whatever which room I was in. It is a skin I can not shed and a cross I genuinely love to bear. I see that know. Plain and simple. Life is too short and if you find something you like doing, best keep doing it till you can’t do it no more.

Hence the news; Tiger Lou will play Göteborg, Pustervik on November 29th and Stockholm, Debaser Medis on December 21st. We have begun recording some stuff, and it will probably take forever until anything is finished. Just thought I’d put the word out there.

Stoked beyond stoked.




May 16, 2013

The first track from NEO NEO can be found at: SoundCloud
It’s called Ribbons. Nuff said.


Hello! Is it you I’m, looking for?

March 15, 2013

My new band Neo Neo needs to find a director for our first video/single/song … know someone?
Drop a link, adress, comment. Fanx! r


Dawn of the muffin man

March 11, 2013

Since Jan 21st, I’m the proud father of a beautiful little baby boy. Everything else will have to wait. Maybe until my son turns 18. We’ll see. XO R